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Male Fertility

Male Fertility

For couples who are facing infertility, there is an issue with the male partner’s fertility in as many as one third of cases.

The investigation and management of male causes of infertility can be complex and involves assessment not only of semen (the sperm concentration, for example) but of male hormones and of anatomical problems with the reproductive organs.

Treatments for male fertility range from holistic male health counselling, through genetic techniques, to hormonal and surgical treatments.

Professor Robson
and Male Fertility Treatment

Professor Robson has over 20 years’ experience in the management of male fertility problems. In 1998, he won the Fertility Society of Australia’s Young Clinicians’ Prize for his work on developing needle sperm aspiration techniques.

Professor Robson’s two decades of expertise in male fertility problems ranges from long-term hormonal therapy for pituitary causes of infertility to surgical treatments. He trained in microsurgery for vasectomy reversal, and has performed hundreds of surgical procedures for retrieval of sperm – including open testicular surgery – in cases from vasectomy, to Klinefelter syndrome, and Sertoli-only syndrome.

Your guide to
male fertility

Male fertility is complex involving factors as diverse as psychological adjustments, chromosomal disorders, hormonal problems, to surgical problems.

Fertility is more than a semen analysis. A comprehensive assessment of general health, nutritional status, hormone profile, and anatomical factors (varicocoele, testicular size, hernia, and more) is required.

To help men and couples understand this, Professor Robson has prepared a detailed Guide to male fertility.

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male fertility

Fertility after

Vasectomy is one of the commonest operations in Australia. For this reason, many men have chosen vasectomy as permanent contraception.

However life circumstances change and many men will wish to start a family in a new relationship, or perhaps in an existing relationship after having a vasectomy.

The choice between surgical reversal of the vasectomy or having IVF treatment can seem difficult to resolve. Many factors must be taken into account when making this decision.

Professor Robson has prepared a detailed Guide to help with decision-making with options after a vasectomy.

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Fertility after Vasectomy

Surgery in
Male Fertility

Many men may find that their options for fertility will involve surgery. This could be due to previous vasectomy, for example, or with conditions such as varicocoele.

In some cases the procedure involved will be described in simple terms – ‘needle biopsy,’ for example – but in others more complex procedures may be considered.

Fertility surgery for men can seem confusing and daunting. For these reasons, Professor Robson has prepared a detailed Guide to surgery to help with decision making.

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Male Fertility Surgery

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